Maryland man dies in fatal house fire in Bowie

BOWIE, Md. (WJLA) - It was a loud popping noise that woke up neighbors Wednesday night in this Bowie community.

"It sounded almost like gunfire -- one right after another for a little while," said neighbor Roy Chamberlain.

It was actually ammunition, stored inside this home on Grendel Place. And what posed an additional, yet not uncommon challenge for crews who battled what turned out to be the county’s second deadly fire this year, was a male victim who was trapped inside.

"I just feel bad for him because I know he's by himself. I know things happen like that when you're alone," said neighbor Krista Johnson.

Johnson watched helplessly from just steps away as the fire took down the home, the ceiling and floors giving way under the neat.

"I was hoping he wasn't in the house, but I knew he was there because he's always home."

Neighbors say that the man who lived here was private and kept to himself. With a single chair seated next t the window, it was just one piece of what they describe as a lonely life – now lost. The home remains as a tragic reminder.

Authorities have yet to disclose what may have caused the fire or the identity of the man who died.