Maryland Live! prepares for massive expansion

The expansion of Maryland’s casinos is going to mean jobs and a lot of them. The hiring process has begun Maryland Live!, the state’s largest casino.

Only five months after opening its doors for the first time, officials with Maryland Live! are busy preparing for a massive expansion. Many of its 4,700 slots will be moved, making way for 150 table games with live dealers.

“When you actually see the card coming out here you don’t know if it’s a slot machine,” says Brian Dear, a gambler. “It’s to the advantage of the house. We want to be a little more fair.”

And while many gamblers think it will better their winning changes, the real jackpot will be the jobs coming to this area. More than 1,200 are expected to be added by the spring.

“They’re going to add about 1,200 jobs to this area. That’s actually a good thing. I might come up here,” says Garrett Shider of Upper Marlboro.

Maryland Live! plans to hold a free 12-week course starting in January to teach people to be dealers. Current slot attendant Jammer Grooms hopes to be there.

“More money, better tips, and you get to meet new people,” says Grooms.

The expansion was approived by voters last week as part of Question 7 on the ballot and with the unemployment rate in Anne Arundel County at 5.9 percent and dropping, it’s expected to continue that trend.

“These are good jobs,” says Robert Norton of Maryland Live! “The dealers are good-paying jobs and hopefully we will find people that are able to start a career with us.”