Maryland Live! now open 24 hours a day

Photo: Rob Boudon/Flickr

Lady Luck is now on call in Anne Arundel County around the clock.

One of the first tangible changes to casino gambling in Maryland after the November passage of Question 6 took effect Thursday when the Maryland Live! Casino began 24-hour operations.

It's the first and only casino to be open 24/7 in the state. Before Thursday, the gaming hall was required to close at 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and at 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Officials now say the new non-stop gaming hours will benefit gambling lovers who work off-hours or like to stay up late.

"We can pop in and pop out," Maryland resident Marsha Polits said. "If we are having a good day, we can stay longer. If we're losing, we go home and we're home very fast."

The next major addition to the Free State's casinos will be the introduction of table games, which Maryland Live! President Robert Norton expects to create even more excitement.

"When we speak to our potential customers and ask why they aren't coming, the number one (reason) has been no live table games," Norton said. "That will soon change."

To accommodate more than 150 new table games, construction teams will begin making modifications to the building itself. In addition, the casino will be adding 1,200 new employees in addition to the 150 people who were recently hired to keep the casino running all day and all night.