Maryland Live! casino traffic continues to frustrate drivers

If you were planning to check out the new casino that opened by Arundel Mills this weekend, be ready to sit in traffic.{ }

Maryland Live! opened Wednesday night and immediately there were traffic issues.

Two days later, the chaotic commute to gamble continues, and both visitors and locals are getting frustrated.

A midday Friday, an estimated 5,000 plus people crowded into the casino.{ }

Resident Jessica Conant says that's great for the casino, not so much for her.

"Yesterday when I went to leave to bring my son to daycare, I couldn't even make a left turn. Traffic was insane," Conant says.

On opening night, cars and people were backed up for miles. While many agree that was likely a one time occurrence brought on by the 10 p.m. opening hour, many who live near Arundel Mills say they can see the difference.

Scott Speaks adds, "I live seven miles from Fort Meade. It took me 45 minutes to get home."

Joe Weinberg, the president of the casino's parent company, says traffic will not be an ongoing problem.

"Openings are always big events, um, and as we've gone to day two and day three. we've had absolutely no traffic issues. We're into a normal operation pattern," Weinberg assures.

Weinberg's company is also constructing a "diverging diamond", which they say will ease the flow of traffic to and from the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Arundel Mills Boulevard.{ } The diverging diamond consists of two traffic circles with a light-controlled weave.

Neighbors just hope the traffic installation works.