Maryland lawmakers consider gay marriage

Maryland lawmakers went back to work Wednesday for the start of the General Assembly. This year, one of the most controversial items on their agenda is gay marriage.

Supporters are already lobbying lawmakers and setting up phone banks, calling constituents and asking them to pressure their delegates.

"I support it wholeheartedly," a supporter said.

After the bill died in the House last year, advocates are getting help from the powerful AFL-CIO, along with the governor.

Many are looking to Gov. Martin O'Malley to use his political muscle to get a bill passed this session.

"It helps that the governor is going to be the lead sponsor of the initiative," said Md. delegate Heather Mizeur.

But opponents of same-sex marriage say they will fight even harder. Numerous faith-based groups and churches have joined forces, forming a new group called Maryland Marriage Alliance.

"I'm Catholic, so I believe its a sacrament between a man and a woman," an opponent said.

The bill is to be filed in the next several weeks and go before the judiciary committee.

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