Maryland law banning synthetic marijuana to go into effect

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - A group of Rockville teenagers experienced firsthand what it’s like to get high on K2, or “Spice,” as it is sometimes called – despite the fact that the synthetic drug has landed some of their friends in the emergency room.

"He smoked this stuff and he took three waterfalls of it, and he thought he was like melting and shrinking," one told ABC7.

Composed of herbs and sprayed with chemicals, the synthetic marijuana has been sold legally for years in Maryland and across the area. But on Tuesday, a new state law will criminalize possession of the drug in the state of Maryland.

Proponents of the new law gathered at the Montgomery County Council office building on Monday with someone who knows the tragic effects of Spice -- Steven Eichler’s brother died after they both used the drug.

"I want to get it documented and show them that doing it even once can make your heart explode in your chest and make you never able to see the people you care about ever again," said Eichler.

Many smoke specialty stores in Maryland that would otherwise sell the drug already have up signs saying it is not available. And this group of friends is actually glad that it won’t be around for others to get their hands on again.

They say it's just too harsh and full of chemicals.

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