Maryland high school lacrosse fight sends player to hospital

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A fight in a high school lacrosse game in Anne Arundel County on Sunday sent one player to the hospital and has prompted an investigation by the State's Attorney's Office.

The altercation broke out during a game involving students from DeMatha Catholic High School and Northeast High School at Brooklyn Park Middle School. According to the league commissioner, referees warned the players several times to stop becoming overly aggressive with each other, but skirmish broke out midway through the third quarter.

A16-year-old DeMatha player cross-checked a 17-year-old Northeast player in the head with his stick, forcing the victim's chin guard into his jaw. The player was knocked to the ground and taken to a shock trauma center.

He sustained a concussion and injuries to his jaw and mouth. The victim was released from the hospital and back home Sunday evening.

“It was very heated in nature, it was described as being physical, there was obviously some pushing and shoving, possible punches thrown, words exchanged,” said Anne Arundel Police spokesman Justin Mulcahy.

The two players were not playing for their respective schools; rather, they were participating in a recreational league game.

One parent who was there that day wouldn't show her face, but said she feared for her son's safety. “I saw my son being charged at by three players at once,” this parent said.

A source tells ABC7 News DeMatha parents allege that opposing players were launching racial epithets at their children. The league commissioner could not confirm or deny that racial epithets started the brawl.

The league commissioner said he had spoken to a lot of people, and only one source had brought epithets to his attention.

The commissioner says the player who allegedly committed the assault has been ejected from the league. A Northeast player who threw a punch also faces a suspension. The commissioner said he will reinforce to teams that the league has a zero tolerance policy.

“My son plays sports and if something should happen like that, it worries me,” said parent Myra Thompson.

Authorities say the incident remains under investigation pending a review from the State's Attorney's Office.

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