Maryland families estimated to have highest median income in America

According to estimates, a Maryland family of four will have a median income of $105,348. File photo: Associated Press

A family of four in Maryland will earn a higher median income than any other state in America during the next fiscal year, according to a new Department of Health and Human Services report.

The HHS report, which determines the median income for a family of four for every state in the union for Fiscal Year 2013-14, estimated that Maryland's median family income will be $105,348. New Jersey will have the second-highest median at $103,842, while Connecticut's $103,173 came in third.

At $90,179, Virginia's median family income is the 7th highest in the United States. Just behind Virginia is the District of Columbia at $87,902.

America's lowest median income for a family of four, a predicted $56,944, is located in Arkansas.

The Department of Health and Human Services uses these estimates to determine a threshold for who is eligible for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. One of the criteria for qualifying is earning just 60 percent of a family's home state median income.

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