Maryland digs out after winter storm

(WJLA) - Road crews shifted into overdrive in Maryland Thursday to push the foot of snow that fell overnight. Snowy lanes proved to be difficult for some motorists who struggled to get around in the early morning hours.{ } Some waited until the early afternoon to even attempt to get out.

“I’m here on the street so I don’t want to get totally buried so I’m just trying to get dug out as much as I can,” says Taylor Adkins. “If we get a little more I can take care of that when it gets here.”

With plenty of snow on the ground, some Chevy Chase residents had an eye on the future, wondering what the back portion of the storm might bring.

“I’m concerned about anything that may happen this afternoon and tonight,” says Jim Koss. “We wanted to get out and shovel the walks early on so they don’t freeze up early.”

Chevy Chase Supermarket was open for anyone who braved the elements. The owners and some employes slept in the store overnight so they could open at 9 a.m.

“We did it during the last hurricane, we did it during Snowmageddon, we did it during the Derecho. We're here to take care of the neighborhood,” says Jason Kirsch.

Rediet Siyoum and her sisters took the snow day as an opportunity to go sledding. They’re loving the mid-February storm.

“We have a five-day weekend now because we have Monday off for President’s Day and now we have today and tomorrow off. Actually, we’ve had a ton of snow since New Year’s and we’ve barely had any school. I love it. It’s been great," Siyoum says.

Maureen Hardwick put off shoveling and broke out her cross country skis. She’s a snow lover embracing the weather.

“It’s better than the last time it snowed because it was too powdery, so this nice, thick snow is actually beautiful and someone made tracks for me, so I’ve got an easy way going.”

Frederick County, Md. gets buried

Even with four wheels turning, Stewart White’s SUV was going nowhere.

“Gotta take it in stride,” he says. “It’s Mother Nature.”

And he was right. At first light Wednesday morning there was no fighting the storm. On Interstate 70, snow covered shoulder-to-shoulder, a trap for the few cars that ventured out.

“Scary, especially as you get older," says trucker Jimmy May.

By noon, the snow stopped and the plows began to make headway.

“This is pretty amazing,” says Channing Monti. “I’ve not seen it like this in quite a while.”

Monti is lucky to own a snow blower. Many of his neighbors are struggling with shovels.

Frederick saw 18 inches overall and some pretty impressive drifts.

It’s a double whammy for one neighborhood. It was among the hardest hit in last week’s ice storm. Many were without power for three days.