Vaqar Choudry tried to trade Oxycodone for sex with minors, authorities say

Vaqar Choudry is accused of trading sex for drugs. (Washington County sheriff's office)

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WJLA) - A Germantown dentist will face a federal magistrate Thursday after being arrested on charges of attempting to arrange sex with a minor and distributing pain pills without a medical purpose.

Authorities say Dr. Vaqar Choudry was willing to trade Oxycodone in exchange for sex with a minor. Choudry's charges allege that he was willing to $250 in cash for such an opportunity.

Choudry, who runs a dental center in Hagerstown, also previously worked at a clinic in Laurel.

Lakeshia McElroy rents her apartment from Choudry just one floor above his Antietam Street office.

She says proximity gave way to a sexual relationship but adds the doctor's alleged perversion quickly ended it.

"He said, ‘do you know little girls, you know someone that's not really developed, someone that's young.’”

Court documents further McElroy's allegations.

In May, two CVS pharmacies told police that Choudry was writing a high number of Percocet prescriptions.

In June, the dentist had exposed his genitals and quote "massaged" two underage patients, according to a criminal complaint.

By September, Choudry asked a confidential source to find him a pre-pubescent girl to have sex with.

That source went to police, who arranged a sting at the Motel 6 near the Valley Mall in Hagerstown, where officers arrested him.

The dentist lives in Germantown along Little Fox Lane.

Family friend Yasmin Javaid says he's married with two young children.

"Very nice personality, very caring, very humble," she said of Choudry.

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