Maryland day care evicted with no notice, leaving parents stranded

LANHAM, Md. (WJLA) -{ } Growing Kids Child Care Center on Greenbelt Road in Lanham, Md. is locked, with an eviction notice taped to the front door Friday morning, leaving parents shocked.{ }

Diwurda Ayodeji, a mother whose son attended Growing Kids Child Care Center, says the eviction has not just been shocking to her, but is very suspicious.

"you don't get evicted overnight...she must have known."

ABC7 News spoke with the building's owner and landlord, John Goertler, who said he had no choice but to evict the woman who operates the child care program,{ }Ona Reckling, after she failed to pay rent for four months, costing him tens of thousands of dollars.

"[It's] very frustrating and I'm left with a big mess," Goertler says.

Goertler was present at the site Friday morning, allowing parents in to retrieve any personal belongings left in children's cubbies such as stuffed animals, jackets or blankets. He said parents were mostly understanding about the tough situation.