Maryland curses more than most states

Marylanders may be some of the most foul-mouthed folks in the country, but at least they'll say please and thank you in between their curse words.

Residents of The Old Line State are the second most-likely to curse during phone calls to businesses, according to a study that analyzed recordings of{ } 600,000 such calls from across the country. The upside, according to a blog post from The Baltimore Sun, is that Maryland residents are also the third most-courteous callers in the nation.

Maryland was second only to Ohio in the most-likely-to-curse rankings. New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois rounded out the remainder of the foul-mouthed top five.

In the most-courteous rankings, Maryland finished third behind both Carolinas (South was first, North second). Louisiana finished fourth and fifth on that list.

Click here to read the full blog post from The Baltimore Sun.

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