Maryland cleans up after Snow-tober

The sounds of chain saws, two-way radios, and yes, snow shovels... are echoing across Washington County, Maryland Sunday evening.

"It looked like, reminded me what it might have been if a tornado hit the area", says Boonsboro resident Thurston Faulder.

He should know. Faulder's father and mother came home from a trip to find their roof damaged, their SUV and boat crushed by a cluster of 100 year oak trees; even a work shed was hit.

"Just funny how one tree fell one way, one fell another way, and another fell another way", says Donald Faulder.

"They hit something, each one of 'em", He adds.

The Boonsboro area was among the hardest hit by Saturday's pre-Halloween snowstorm.

Several homes were damaged by falling trees and powerlines.

There were scattered power outages in the Boonsboro-Myersville area.
Saturday's heavy snowball, causing some big problems.

"The leaves hold the snow in the trees, and the trees just can't take the weight.", says Faulder.

"You could hear snapping and booming as (trees) started falling".

That, according to Brent Rohar. He pointed out one house that had two holes punched in the roof, and a porch damaged by falling trees.

The owner told Rohar be was sitting inside when he felt the impact.

"He heard it hit the roof and rolled off of it. Scared the hell out of him, he said", recalls Rohar.

Some have given this first storm of the season a name: 'Snow-tober'.

As the hard work of a cleanup begins, the Faulders are philosophical.

"It's just an act of nature and that's how it goes. Cope with it", Thurston Faulder says.