Maryland cities report less speed camera citations, drop in revenue

CHILLUM, Md. (WJLA) – Some Maryland cities and counties are finding that their speed camera programs are beginning to cost more than the revenue they generate, according to a new report by the Maryland comptroller.

Maryland cities in Prince George’s County such as Mount Rainier, Hyattsville, and New Carrollton have all reported that the cost of operating speed camera programs exceeded the revenue they brought in, the Washington Post reports.

Mount Rainier, for example, collected $1.7 million in speed camera fines in 2011, but citations, and as a result, revenue, have decreased in the last three years.

Law enforcement and government officials say the shift should be celebrated because despite the perception that states use the cameras as revenue enhancers, the drop in revenue means the speed cameras are effective as a safety enforcement tool. The drop in revenue means the jurisdictions are giving out less citations which means drivers are changing their driving habits.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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