Mary 'Shelley' Goldsmith took Molly, purified form of ecstacy

Mary Goldsmith died in D.C. (Photo: facebook)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The 19-year-old University of Virginia sophomore who died at a D.C. nightclub recently took a purified form of the drug Ecstasy that’s been linked to three deaths on the East Coast.

Mary “Shelley” Goldsmith reportedly took the drug Saturday at Echo Stage, a club Northeast Washington's Ivy City neighborhood.

The drug has been linked to three deaths in New York and Boston since last week, but it’s not confirmed that Goldsmith took a drug from that batch.

Goldsmith's father is convinced a bad batch of the drug is responsible. He says his daughter's friends say she ingested Molly before her death.

"I had to come forward because this is just too dangerous and I don't want anyone else to get hurt,” he says.

Goldsmith, from Abingdon, Va., was a member of Alpha Phi sorority and was a Jefferson Scholar.

"She was a dream child,” says Robert Goldsmith. He says his daughter was “an exceptional woman who made one mistake."

This past weekend, the final day of the Electric Zoo music festival in New York, was canceled after two people died and four were hospitalized apparently from Molly.

“A lot of people are dying at festivals you know and stuff like that so now I think like the grown up world is starting to take notice,” says George Washington University student Jasmine Yunus.

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