Marty Bodrog, 54, killed in Navy Yard shooting

Bodrog, 54, was a devoted Boston Bruins fan. Photo: Bodrog family

When family members remember Marty Bodrog, they'll likely remember him for his trademark winter weather outfit - a Boston Bruins hockey jersey and shorts.

Bodrog, 54, was killed Monday after being shot during the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. He moved around between New Jersey, Indiana and Massachusetts during his youth before attending and graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 1981.

That touched off a 22-year career with the Navy, his family says. In his retirement, Bodrog oversaw the design and procurement of ships.

Bodrog also was an active participant at his church in Springfield, where he taught preschool Sunday School and led a program that reached out to Christian high school students.

He's survived by his wife of 25 years, Melanie, and his three children - Isabel, Sophie and Rita.

Friends and neighbors of Bodrog arrived at his home, all stunned to learn he was among the victims of the mass shooting at the Navy Yard.

“My knees just got weak,” says friend Ron Earley. “Everything about Marty just a great guy wonderful husband father.”

Bodrog was a man beloved by his wife and three daughters and those who lived near him as well.

Judy McConville says Bodrog and her husband were good friends and sport fans.

“They were going to the Bruins game a tonight,” McConville says.

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