Martire Puente-Fulcar arrested in Miami

Martire Puente-Fulcar. Photo: Montgomery County Police

Montgomery County police say a man wanted in a slaying in Wheaton is in custody in Florida after an apparent suicide attempt.

Police say Martire Puente-Fulcar jumped from the roof of a nine-story hotel in Miami and is in critical condition at a hospital.

Puente-Fulcar had been wanted in the slaying of Rocio Nikaury Morcelo on Saturday in Wheaton.

At 3:30 a.m. Saturday, police responded to the 2300 block of Georgian Way in Wheaton for reports of a domestic assault. They found Rocio Nikaury Morcelo in the stairwell of the apartment building the couple shared. She died from trauma to her upper body.

The couple lived in the neighborhood for years and were well known among their neighbors. Family and friends reacted to the news Saturday with screams of shock.

“I don’t know why why,I am just telling God, why,” Nikaury’s friend Luz Cubeas screaming though tears today, “She was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful mother. Who always live and survive for the children.”

The couple had one child together and two other from a previous father. Friends say Nikaury always put her three children first. Those children were in the apartment when she was attacked.

“I heard them arguing I would say every weekend,” Neighbor Alex Ramos said today, “And I never knew, I never knew how much arguing they did or where it was going to lead but I guess it was bad, for it to come to this.”

Police say they plan to extradite Puente-Fulcar after he's released from the hospital.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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