Martin O'Malley receives 'eviction notice' from Maryland Republicans

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley received an "eviction notice" from the state's Republican party. (Photo: Maryland Republican Party)

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley received an interesting message this morning—an “eviction” notice from Republican lawmakers.

The “Eviction Notice,” which was posted on a red poster outside the Maryland Government House, read “EVICTION NOTICE: Marylanders are taking their state back and it’s time for you and your Democratic pals to leave Annapolis. We’ve had enough of your tax and spend policies, and we’re tired of you driving our jobs away.”

“The Democratic leadership said they’ve already reached a compromise to plunder and pillage the people’s paychecks. Next week they’ll come to Annapolis to tell Marylanders just how much more they’ll steal. It’s too bad the hardworking taxpayers didn’t have a seat at their table,” said David Ferguson, the Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party.

Ferguson pushed for Democrats to “consider the Republicans’ alternative budget solution introduced this session.”

“It doesn’t raise taxes, swell spending, or shift teacher pensions to local governments,” he said.

“We're putting Annapolis on notice. Martin O’Malley should take off his blinders, quit focusing on the White House, and start leading before his government spirals further out of control,” Ferguson said.

Taxpayers from across Maryland will be protesting Martin O’Malley’s tax hikes on Monday, May 14, 2012, the Maryland Republican Party said.