Martin O'Malley a possible Homeland Security Secretary candidate

Martin O'Malley is winding down his second and final term as the governor of Maryland. Photo: Jay Westcott

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is the many several insiders are considering as a possible replacement for Janet Napolitano as the nation's Secretary of Homeland Security.

The Washington Post reports that O'Malley, who was reelected as the governor of Maryland in 2010, would give "serious consideration" to joining President Barack Obama's cabinet if tapped by the chief executive.

O'Malley is term limited as Maryland's governor and will be out of office in 2014, but he for years has been considered a possible Democratic presidential candidate in 2016.

Napolitano had served as the Homeland Security Secretary in January of 2009, at the outset of President Obama's first term in office. She left the job last week to take over as the president of the University of California system.

Only four people have served as the department's secretary after it was established in 2003. Those people include Napolitano, Michael Chertoff, James Loy and Tom Ridge.