Mark Pray allegedly sending social media messages during trial

Officials are now trying to find out how an accused murderer is tweeting and posting items on Facebook about his trial. Authorities have even searched the suspect’s cell but haven’t recovered a phone.

The jury Monday heard FBI testimony that 31-year-old Mark Pray has been sending out Facebook messages and Tweets since he's been on trial.

Courtroom screens showed the familiar Facebook logo with Pray's picture, talking about the trial, in which Pray and two others are accused of conspiracy in running a major drug operation from Barry Farm public housing in Southeast and of murdering three people, including a woman who was a federal witness.

Jurors learned that before a witness in the trial, nicknamed "Hag," testified, a facebook post stated: “This (expletive) Hag, whatever else they call his hot___ is the first one up to sell his soul on Monday...”

And then after the testimony: “That (expletive) looked like Chucky Cheese on the stand today. A big rat.”

Last Tuesday, federal authorities got a warrant and searched Pray's cell at the D.C. jail, looking for a cell phone which they suspected he was using. But they found nothing.