Mark Center move begins

It’s just the beginning of the BRAC move and already locals say the roads around the Mark Center are filing up fast.

“Yesterday we were all jammed up on 95 so,” said driver Pam Bauldie.

The Pentagon ultimately plans to relocate 6,400 defense workers to the Mark Center in Alexandria.

To reduce backups, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has created a new traffic management plan. Local transportation officials will monitor congestion levels and adjust traffic signals or patterns when necessary.

This week, Alexandria launched its new DASH express shuttle between the Mark Center and the King Street Metro. And Metro’s new bus rote is running between the Mark Center and the Pentagon.

Many drivers say they’re now using alternative routes but some say those alternative routes are taking a toll on their neighborhoods.

“It is becoming a highway rather than a residential area and it's unfortunate,” said Alan Ramjohn, an Alexandria resident. “They should be thinking a little more about the residents around here.”