Marion Barry wants media to quote him accurately

D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry, known for sticking his foot in his mouth, is calling on the media to quote him accurately.

The former four-term mayor issued a press release Wednesday after he made comments during the council vote to elect a new interim chair.

News reports quoted Barry as calling this year's turmoil the most serious crisis the district government has faced since the beginning of home rule in 1973.

In his press release, Barry said he stated the following: "This is the greatest governmental crisis since Home Rule. I can’t think of anything except 911 that’s been more horrific."

He previously came under fire after saying that Asian stores in Ward 8 were dirty and they “had to go.” Then Barry criticized hospitals that hire Filipino nurses.

To top it off, when Barry apologized to the Asian community, he offended the Polish by saying: "America has had racial tensions from the time it was founded. Italians coming here, the Irish came here, the Jews came here, the Polacks came here, the Chinese came here."

Barry later said: "I should have said Polish."

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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