Marion Barry under fire for 'Asian' comments

David Chung, a D.C. attorney, calmly lit into D.C. Councilman Marion Barry Thursday for comments Barry made directed at Asians that offended many in the community.

Last month, Barry said that Asian stores in Ward 8 were dirty and they “had to go.” Then this week, Barry criticized hospitals that hire Filipino nurses.

Barry apologized for some of the comments but the damage was done. Many denounced Barry as racist and the Filipino Ambassador Jose Cuisia issued a statement Wednesday calling Barry's comments "intolerant and narrow-minded," according to the Associated Press.

For Chung whose father owns a liquor store in Anacostia, it got testier when he started asking Barry questions.

"My father's one of those dirty store owners you were speaking about during your acceptance speech," Chung said, adding that the comments Barry made were racist.

Barry replied that he resented being called a racist and didn’t believe that the comments were bigoted.