Marion Barry swears at Geraldo Rivera over crack allegations

Photo: Jay Westcott

Marion Barry, who has always never been one to shy from the spotlight, got into a testy exchange with Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera Saturday night over his past with crack cocaine.

In an appearance on the Fox News program Geraldo At Large, the former mayor of Washington and current representative for Ward 8 on the D.C. Council swore at Rivera when the topic of Barry's 1990 drug conviction and prison sentence was broached.

Barry had been invited onto the program to discuss the recent turmoil surrounding numerous prominent political figures nationwide, including New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

However, when Rivera brought up Barry's checkered past, Barry lost his cool. Barry, once again, denied ever using crack cocaine and said that the FBI and law enforcement set him up.

"What were you smoking? You thought it was crack cocaine?" Rivera said. "you...just bought crack from crack dealers and you didn't know what it was?"

That final statement was the one that set Barry off.

"Will you stop this bulls*** about something that's not factual?" Barry replied.

The councilmember quickly apologized for uttering the profanity, but followed it up by saying that he gets upset when people lie. You can watch the video - with profane language - at Mediaite.

Barry was convicted of just one possession count out of several felony counts of perjury, drug possession and conspiracy in 1990, and that possession count came from 1989. Several the counts were dismissed as a result of a mistrial.

The mayor was sentenced to 6 months in prison later that year and was reelected mayor in 1994.