Marion Barry wins primary, celebrates all over Twitter

It was all @marionbarryjr, all the time on Tuesday night after he won a D.C. Council primary. (Photo: DDOT)

It's safe to say that Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry was really, really happy about his victory in Tuesday night's D.C. Council Democratic primary.

If you weren't sure about that, though, all you had to do to was follow him on Twitter. His followers were treated to a barrage of celebratory tweets and photos as election returns rolled in Tuesday night.

He even had the time to challenge reporters to wagers and invent new words.

Here's are the highlights from Barry's, or as his tweeps know him as, @marionbarryjr, Twitter binge. If you ask him, it's full of "twag."

Meanwhile, if you doubt his Twitter influence, just search for "#twaggin" on the microblogging site.

[View the story "Marion Barry wins primary, celebrates on Twitter" on Storify]Marion Barry wins primary, celebrates on Twitter

You can never accuse Marion Barry of using all avenues to reach his constituents. After he cruised to victory in Tuesday night's D.C. Council Democratic primary, he took to Twitter to celebrate and retweet his 4,200+ followers, and in so doing, invented a new word - 'twaggin.'

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It started off quite docile as voting got started.
If you haven't voted yet, make sure you get to the polls. They are open until 8. Same day registration only requires picture ID.Marion S. Barry, Jr.It quickly escalated.
When I walked into the voting booth I just screamed "MARION BARRY!" until I was escorted off the premises. He'd better RT me. @marionbarryjrkeptsimple@JonEasley @keptsimple81 my favorite tweet of the day! #powertothePEOPLE!Marion S. Barry, Jr.And then, it escalated a little bit more.
SOUFEAST! WHERE U AT? TIME TO BLOW UP TWITTER AND LET THEM HEAR OUR VOICE!Marion S. Barry, Jr.During the course of the evening, Barry found time to challenge the Post's Mike DeBonis to a friendly bet.
@kitastew Old Congress Heights School at MLK and Malcolm X. I will be there by 9:30.Marion S. Barry, Jr.Sure you will. RT @marionbarryjr: @kitastew Old Congress Heights School at MLK and Malcolm X. I will be there by 9:30.Mike DeBonis@mikedebonis @kitastew would you like to make a small wager on that?Marion S. Barry, Jr.And then the pictures came.
THANK YOU WARD8! WE know how far we have come. We're not the last and the least - WE ARE THE GREATEST! S. Barry, Jr.Oh...we're at 71%! The Green Machine! S. Barry, Jr.BREAKING #DCision12 @marionbarryjr is beating @BarackObama in the DC Presidential primary.Samuel A. MooreInteresting watching @marionbarryjr work the twitter tonight.Neal AugensteinCongratulations to @marionbarryjr on his reelection. I don't want to take all the credit, but I will take all the credit.keptsimpleMarion Barry aint going no where, he invented "twaggin."
Twitter officially BLOWN UP from SOUTHEAST Washington, DC! We tweet with swag over here. It's called twaggin if you didn't know.Marion S. Barry, Jr.@marionbarryjr