Marijuana legalization group gathers signatures in D.C.

(Photo: Jason White)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Proponents of legalizing marijuana collected signatures at D.C. Superior Court Wednesday, saying the campaign is basically to stop people from being arrested for marijuana offenses.

Other members of the group were at the board of elections seeking an initiative on next year's November ballot.

"Full legalization of marijuana meaning you'll be able to grow it in your own home in small quantities you'll able to possess a reasonable amount of marijuana without fear or arrest," marijuana proponent Adam Eidinger says.

The board hearing ended abruptly when the group withdrew its initiative request after learning what the city's objections were, almost all technical.

"A party sometimes may withdraw their imitative and edit or revise it so that it's in compliance," says Kenneth McGhee, Board of Elections counsel

Eidinger promises he'll be back soon with a better version.

The pro marijuana groups planning to go back to these supporters when they have an actual petition to get on the ballot

Councilmember Tommy Wells says this is different from his bill to stop people - 90% of them black in D.C. from being arrested for small amounts of marijuana.

His bill would not legalize it.

"I don't believe that the clergy in D.C. will say yes this should be a legal substances that's protected use to use drugs," he says.

And out in the streets there were similar views.

β€œI'm just against marijuana use,” says D.C. resident Diana Berchiolli. β€œIt's very different than alcohol.”

D.C. resident Rae Curry questioned legalizing marijuana for non-medical use.

"I would be a little skeptical about it," Curry says.