Marcus Jones shot to death in Fort Washington

The leaves have piled up on Phillip Beverly’s yard. His grandson, Marcus Jones, would always help him clean up without expecting anything in return.

“He was always trying to help out. Not only family, he would help out everyone,” he says.

Jones, 16, was gunned down late Saturday night. His family doesn’t know much, only that he was shot in the chest after leaving a party in Fort Washington.

“We get the phone call and find out something like this happened. We haven’t even really viewed the body. It’s just really, really sad for all of us, the whole family,” says Latrice Robinson.

His cousin says Jones’ mother and father are too distraught to talk. Investigators have not determined a motive, but say they’re following strong leads.

Beverly lost his own son, Jones’ uncle, a few years ago. He was shot during a robbery.

“It’s just hard to lose two good kids. Both of them were good kids.”

Beverly’s trying to comfort the whole family, especially Jones’ younger brother, who is only 12.

He’s also thinking about the person responsible.

“What were you thinking? Why would you do such a thing?”