Marckel Ross murder: Police renew search for clues

The case remains unsolved.

The murder of Marckel Ross on September 11th saddened and outraged his community. The Central High junior was well liked. He was an active and good student. At the time, hundreds gathered to honor his memory.

In the weeks since, the search for Marckel’s killer has come up empty. But now, there is a new lead and a new plea from police and Marckel's mother.

“My advice is for the community if you know something please come out,” Elizabeth Ross says.

Police now believe just before Marckel was murdered as he walked to school along Old Central Avenue that there was a robbery, a mugging that was never reported to law enforcement.

It's possible the same culprit committed both crimes. To catch a killer, police are now looking for that first victim. That's why Monday, before dawn with Mrs. Ross standing by, they stopped drivers even Metro busses to spread the word.

“We have an indication it was a young male we're not sure 100% if it was a student or not in that age range of Mr. Ross,” says Maj. George Nader. “We really want that individual to come forward.”

Sources say it’s likely that victim knew his attacker. And that's the problem police are trying to overcome. He's probably scared, too scared to speak to police.

Elizabeth Ross says she understands. But for Marckel's sake, she hopes that silence can be broken.

“Words cannot describe how I feel a piece of me has been taken away,” she says. “I believe someone knows something I believe a whole lot of people know something but people are just afraid to come out and talk.”