Marckel Ross funeral services held

(Photo: Family picture)

With many questions still surrounding his mysterious murder, family and friends are forced to say goodbye to 18-year-old Marckel Ross. His parents greeted by mourners, as they filed into the large Jericho city of Praise church. His friends wearing different homemade buttons.

"That smile meant so much,” says Eloise Hinton. “I got a warmth from him. Very sweet young man."

With a montage of pictures playing on a big screen, hundreds walked by the casket draped with a U.S. flag.
He was a popular student known for his enthusiasm on the modeling club and his focus as a member of the school's ROTC program.

The Central High School student was shot and killed as he walked to school in Capitol Heights. The case is still far from being solved as detectives are continuing to search for clues and information. Ross was found lying near Central Avenue in his school uniform and with his book bag.

Those at the service, including the police officer who is stationed at Central High, remember a unique and talented teen.

"Just not being able to see him anymore, laugh and stuff like that, it's really hard,” says friend Leah Stokes.

A memorial tribute for Ross was held on the Central High School campus, three days after he was shot and killed.

Police are continuing to search for information and trying to find Ross’s killer.