Marckel Ross vigil to be held

WATCH: ABC7's Autria Godfrey reports from the site where friends and family held a candlelight vigil for Marckel Ross. She talks with his brother, Ubie Ross.

DeJahne Simpson and her friends are cheerleaders at Central High. But she admits that in the three days since Marckel Ross was murdered, it’s been hard to muster much cheer at school.

“Nobody barely smiles no more cause they took somebody from us for no reason basically,” Simpson says.

The popular 18-year-old junior was gunned down early Tuesday morning as he walked to school. No arrest has been made and at Central High that's another worry.

“I just think that you know it needs to be more police presence. In this area I think that would help out a whole lot,” says Adrienne Brown.

To help answer such concerns, police have been added to the program as she and other parents gather at central high for back to school night. in addition to visits with math and history teachers they'll hear from district commander major George Nader.

“We want them to know that we do have extra officers in the area,” Nader says. “We want them to know that we do have extra officers in the area. We want them to know our officers are working around the clock.”

And while the parents are in school many of the young people, including DeJahne Simpson and her still hurting friends will attend a candlelight vigil for Marckel Ross.

“I was close to Marckel,” Simpson says. “I mean, I want to see everybody get together for him.”