March on Washington: Rev. Jesse Jackson previews event

Reverend Jesse Jackson will take part in Wednesday's March on Washington. The president and founder of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition appeared on NewsTalk with NewsChannel 8's Bruce DePuyt Tuesday to preview the event.

"I think that tomorrow's mission must be to address the issue of inequality," said Jackson.

Rev. Jackson took part in the original march and says D.C. was a much different place back in 1963. He says the city was on "lockdown" and police officer were working around the clock in anticipation of violence. Rev. Jackson said some people were even afraid to march back then.

President Obama will speak from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday as the first African-American president of the United States. It's a dream of equality that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about.

"We need now appropriation and legislation in addition to motivation," explained Jackson of the obstacles facing president Obama.

During Saturday's March on Washington event, Jackson said that despite much positive change, there was still much to fight for.

"We need to revive the war on poverty, we need to engage in student loan
debt, and some plan for urban reconstruction. Today we need not so much
motivation as we need legislation and appropriation," he commented.