Marc Washington, Linwood Barnhill: D.C. residents meet to discuss recent MPD violations

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - There was a packed house Thursday night at the Faith Tabernacle Church – full of residents who wanted answers from D.C.’s Police Chief after two officers from the 7th District recently wound up on the wrong side of the law.

Marc Washington was arrested for child pornography, while Linwood Barnhill was accused of pimping underage girls.

Chief Lanier began the meeting by assuring the crowd that the two officers acted alone.

"We have not come up with any other indicators that anybody else was involved," she said.

But that answer didn’t sit well with everyone -- particularly those who insisted that as nearby ward residents, they needed to be sure that officers who come to their doors are good cops -- 100-percent of the time.

"I hear you saying these are isolated incidents, but something inside me just doesn't feel right and I think we deserve an independent investigation," said D.C. resident Kadijah Trobono.

"We can't take any thing for granted," added D.C. resident Lorenzo Green. "The message has to be sent that this is something that cannot be allowed, so what are you doing to make sure that message gets out there?"

The Chief asked residents to help by reporting any police behavior they find suspicious.

"The last thing we want is to have another police officer violate the trust of this community."