Marc Scott Dawson arrested, charged with peeping on young men, boys in Columbia Mall restrooms

Marc Scott Dawson. Photo: Howard County Police

COLUMBIA, Md. (WJLA) -- A Maryland man is accused of peeping on boys and men in restrooms at the Columbia Mall and other retail outlets.

Howard County police say Marc Scott Dawson, 48, of Windsor Mill followed young men and boys into restrooms attempting to look at their genitals while they were using the facility.

Police say he was caught by mall surveillance cameras one day earlier this month going in the restroom 31 times in a two-hour period.

A mall security officer alerted police. And police decided to follow Dawson for a few days.

And the mall wasn't the only place where he allegedly peeped.

Officers say they watched Dawson follow young men into restrooms at nearby Security Square Mall in Baltimore repeatedly. They say they caught him doing the same thing at the restroom at a Home Depot store in Catonsville.

Police arrested Dawson on August 20 and charged him with multiple counts of visual surveillance with prurient intent and peeping tom. He was released on $15,000 bail until his trial.Howard County Police are encouraging anyone who may have seen Dawson engaging in this behavior, or has additional information, to come forward and contact police at 410-313-STOP. Callers can remain anonymous.