Gambrills residents trapped by floodgates

GAMBRILLS, Md. (WJLA) - Nearly a day after rain swept the area and nearby Duckett Dam was opened, Patuxent River Road near Defense Highway is still flooded. The only way in and our is about a mile-trek through the woods, up and down a steep hill.

And as the hours tick by, some nearby residents are getting nervous.

"There's over a hundred homes back here...every home has kids, grandparents, [and] they need an ambulance service, fire service...they need something," says resident Cori Haynes.

According to residents, the problem is that they received no notification that the dam was being opened. A WSSC spokesman told us that they began releases on Monday, and notified the surrounding jurisdictions. Then late Wednesday night, engineers noticed a leak at the base, and had to step up the releases.

Again, the spokesman says, they made an emergency notification. But apparently, it is the responsibility of each jurisdiction to notify its residents.

Now, those who live here wake up to find themselves stuck where they are, and many are unable to drive out to work or school.

"Having to take multiple days off from work or school for the kids' sake is a big deal," says resident Ashley Crandol.

Some are having friends and relatives park cars on higher grounds in order to use them, and this couple has to get a ride to the airport Friday morning:

"We'll be taking the luggage up the hill tomorrow," explain Ron and Lauren Staines. "We had a neighbor this morning who lugged three pieces of luggage...she called at 6 a.m., the road was flooded, and she needed to get out to go to the airport."

Cori Haynes have since bundled up her kids and hiked out; they plan on staying with friends so they can get to school in the morning:

"We understand the water has to go somewhere. We understand they open the dam for a reason. We don't want anyone to get flooded, we just want to get notification."