Manna Food Center running out of food

For only the second time, a father of one with a niece and nephew also to feed stands in line at the Manna Food Center in Gaithersburg.

After recently losing his job as a tradesman, the main food bank in Montgomery County is a lifeline.

He wasn't alone. The line of residents extended out the front door today.

"Last year, I think our average was 155 families. Thursday we have 220 people coming," says Allison Anderson of Manna Food Center.

Increasing need and a scary reality.

“Between 16,000 to 20,000 pounds of food go out our door every day we don't have 20,000 I think left in our warehouse,” says Anderson.

The Manna Food Center has seen a dramatic drop in food donations. Couple that with the growing number of families in need, the food is running out.

And that news for 77-year-old Doris Brooks was scary.

“If the program wasn't here there would be a lot of times I couldn't afford food,” she says.

She, like many of the seniors there, is on a fixed income.

But that help is under threat, the center said, if donations continue to dwindle. So they are banking on hope.

For more information, visit Manna Food Center's web site.