Manifesto tees: Simple concept brings big business

      A D.C. clothing designer is seeing big business from a simple concept. It involves selling a t-shirt with one word on it.

      "'Evolve' was very telling for January. A lot of people are doing New Year's resolutions so I thought the word was meaning for me and I thought that other people would really connect with it also," says Meg Biram.

      Last month's red sweatshirt had the simple word "Lover" on it in Biram's own handwriting.

      "I wanted to be something that you couldn't just buy anywhere. It's special because there's only a limited edition and it's a design, not a font."

      So far her line has been a sellout.

      Popular online fashion websites and bloggers have been seen wearing Biram's designs.

      "I was hoping that it would spread organically that way, online," she says.

      Online is the only place you can get Manifesto tees right now. The online release of the March t-shirt is right around the corner with the new word "Wanderlust."

      And if you're wondering how long Biram plans to keep up with her one-word, one-shirt business, she says, "I'm really just open about what happens with it. I don't have a set plan necessarily."

      She just hopes more self-made success is on the horizon.