Manassas restaurant apologizes to police officers denied service

The Buffalo Wild Wings in Manassas is trying to make amends, after initially denying service to police officers.

At the heart of it all is the restaurants policy on guns.

Two weeks ago, eight Prince William County Police officers in plain clothes came in to eat after training. They were carrying guns, which alarmed their server, who told the manager.

The officers showed badges and IDs proving their profession, but the manager asked them to leave, saying they were in violation of policy, which does not allow guns inside the restaurant.

When people hear what happened last month at Buffalo Wild Wings, most agree it wasn't exactly good business.

"Basically the manager on duty mistook the policies we have in place," says Regional Manager Don Rizzie, who says guns are prohibited unless being carried by law enforcement.

Rizzie says the officers left without protest.

The company's apologies to police have been accepted.

To make sure police know the apology is sincere, wings have been free to them all day Wednesday.