Manassas police: Shoe thefts increase from Craigslist contacts

Photo: DavidMe00/Flickr

Manassas Police arrested a suspect but are looking for other thieves they said are targeting teens who sell their high-priced sneakers.

It all starts online and in some cases it is done through Craigslist, said Manassas Police Sgt. Ed Rivera.

Rivera said it is a perfect set up and half the battle for thieves.

He adds in a matter of days, there have been three robberies.

In the first incident, near McKenzie Circle, police said a 17-year old met two suspects to sell his $220 Nike Jordans.

The suspects were two young men, who snatched the shoes from the victim's car and then ran.

“Someone steels someone’s shoes. That’s kind of crazy," said Tammy O'Neal. A neighbor.

O'Neal wonders if there isn't another problem.

"Where are the parents? I wouldn’t want my child meeting up with strangers off of Craigslist," she said.

The second theft happened across town on Calipso Drive.

One of the suspects wanted to try on the shoes, but as soon as he tried them on, he took off.

The victim told police his shoes were worth $400.

"Kids want these things. I don’t know how parents can afford them," Felix Fornino, a neighbor.

In the last incident, police said was similar to the previous two but instead of two suspects, there were five.

Police arrested one in the incident but are looking for suspects in the other incidents.

“Not a good idea," said Rivera referring to meeting strangers online and then meeting them in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Rivera said if you're going to do that, take someone with you.

“Meet the buyer at a location such as this, a police station or a fire station," Rivera said.