Manassas Park school buses transport wrong students

MANASSAS, Va. (WJLA) - A bus mix-up on the first day of school in Manassas Park left some parents wondering what happened to their elementary school children.

On the second day of school in Manassas Park, Sarah Taylor waited at her child's bus stop, hoping she wouldn’t get the same news she got Tuesday from her son’s bus driver.

“He told me to go home and call the school because he didn’t know where Jacob was,” Taylor says. "... I figured he was probably on a bus because there were lots of kids on the wrong bus."

Taylor says her son normally arrives home around 3:45 p.m. but his assigned bus came and went. Then another three buses showed up and she said around 5 p.m., nobody knew that Jacob was on anyone’s bus.

Finally, Jacob was found - on the wrong bus.

“The poor bus drivers were working overtime trying to get stuff figured out,” she says.

Manassas Park Schools superintendent tells ABC7 News the problem began when the middle and high schools let out at 2:15 p.m. Unexpectedly, two bus routes had more than 65 students so the buses had to do double runs and then head to the two elementary schools, which put everything behind schedule.

“I had my cellphone with me at the bus stop for an hour and no one called me from the school,” Taylor says.

The superintendent tells ABC7 he is considering using the school text messaging alert system if it ever happens again, but he also says only a handful of elementary children were on the wrong bus, a point Taylor disputes.

All hands were on deck Wednesday at dismissal. The buses made it out for their first runs in just eight minutes and Jacob arrived home on the right bus.

“I don’t want to see that again,” Taylor says. “I want to know my kid is on the right bus with the right people.”