Manassas neighborhood alarmed by threatening notes

The mystery continues in Manassas over who's leaving threatening letters on people's doorsteps.

Since December, 19 homeowners have been surprised by notes threatening to kill them. Three were discovered this week.

Each of the notes have scribbled words, sometimes in different colors. And each reads a little differently, but all threaten to kill.

Manassas Police have spent three months collecting the mysterious, handwritten letters, each with the same man's name and mailing address at the top.

Investigators tracked down the man who lives in another part of the county. He has no criminal background, no troubled relationships, and no clue as to why someone would use his identity to inflict fear.

Whoever is writing these notes hasn't targeted the same house twice and hasn't threatened anyone face-to-face, police say.

A couple of times front doors have been broken and lawn figurines have been smashed. The suspect either rings the doorbell, bangs on the door or throws something at it, then tosses over his note and takes off.

Manassas police are working on a composite sketch. They say a few witnesses have come forward.

And they're asking residents to be on the lookout for any unusual behavior in their neighborhood.