Manassas man knocks out intruder with guitar

John Marc Mayhew

A Northern Virginia man defended himself against a would-be intruder by whacking the man over the head with his guitar, police say.

Police say Sean MacSorlay whacked an invader into his Manassas home with his guitar.

“Made for an interesting Friday night,” MacSorlay said.

Police say 32-year-old John Mayhew of Palmyra broke into MacSorlay’s home just after midnight.

“He was just drunk and didn’t know what he was doing,” MacSorlay said.

He says Mayhew tried the front door first, but failed and then busted through the back. MacSorlay grabbed the closest thing he could find to defend himself: his acoustic guitar.

“I just saw him come around, smack. Just hit him over the top of the head,” his roommate Jacob York said.

MacSorlay smashed Mayhew over the head with the guitar several times. The roommates say Mayhew dropped to the ground. Police had to wake him up when they got to the home.

“I feel bad for the guy, he got the (expletive) kicked out of him,” MacSorlay said.

MacSorlay, a tow-truck driver and ex-firefighter, says he got the guitar as a gift a couple of months ago. He used to play, but doesn't anymore, so he won't fret over the loss of the now-trashed instrument.

Neither of the men knew Mayhew, but say they've seen break-ins here before.

“We've had people trying to break into vehicles, break into houses, we hear about it all the time, but never hear about anyone getting smashed in the head with a guitar,” York said.

Police also say Mayhew spit at an officer while at a hospital after the break-in. He has been charged him with unlawful entry, assault on a law enforcement officer, and public intoxication.{ }He's being held on $7,500 bail.