Manassas church vandalized

Crossway Fellowship (Photo: Gail Pennybacker)

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Manassas City Police say they believe the Crossway Fellowship Church has been hit by vandals at least five times since July 30, with 16 stained glass windows being broken.

Youth Pastor Kyle Brenon says he has no idea why the church is being targeted.
"We welcome all and we just pray these individuals come in and say hey, we're sorry,” he said.

“There's one (window) on the bottom right that was hit the first night, the same as this one and then last Saturday night they hit two more here, two more right next to it,” Brenon said.

Damage to the church is estimated at $1,500 to $2,000.

Manassas City Sergeant Eddie Rivera says they've had reports they at least two people were seen leaving the church after the vandalism.

In one instance, children were inside the church for an evening event when a rock crashed through a window. No one was injured.

“It's pretty bad,” church employee Terrie King said. “You come in the morning and you're just waiting to see if there are more windows that are going to be broken.”

A home located on a property owned by Crossway Fellowship was subjected to the same kind of vandalism as the church.

“It leads you to think that there's someone who has something against someone or something about that particular church,” neighbor Brittany Sabini speculates.

Manassas police are investigating. They say no other churches in the area have been vandalized, and they believe more than one person is involved in the crimes.

“We have two reports of two people leaving at the same time, if it's related to the actual vandalisms, I cannot say,” Sgt. Eddie Rivera said.
The pastor says the spirit of the church is as strong as ever.

“You don't need a rock to get in... just knock on the door,” Brenon said.

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