Man wants D.C. to answer handicap parking spot request

A D.C. resident has become frustrated with the inability to park in his designated handicap parking spot, so he called 7 On Your Side.

The city gave Ken Jackson approval for a designated handicap parking spot right in front of his home on 16th and T Streets, but he says parking is still a struggle.

"I'm trying to get the one that's diagonal from my house as opposed to the one directly in front of the house," Jackson explained.

That's because the spot right in front of Jackson's home is in a morning rush hour zone.

Jackson added, "In the morning, they tow your car."

On top of that, Jackson says, his car has been struck several times by swerving cars on 16th Street.

As a round-the-clock caregiver to his ailing wife, Jackson says circling around to find another spot near his home is too time consuming.

"My wife has cancer of the brain, so I have to stay with her most of the time," Jackson said.

He asked the city for permission to instead have his spot conveniently located next to a driveway. Jackson says he sent in all the necessary paperwork, including permission from the homeowner who lives in front of the parking spot. But after several months of being bounced around from one government agency to the next, still no word.

"...the rules keep changing," Jackson lamented.

He says he's tired of being given the run-around and just wants an answer either way.

Jackson said, " I want resolution...It's just been crazy...six months of trying to get approval."

DDOT officials say they have been actively working on Jackson's case. They add they will come to Jackson's home Thursday to see if they can approve the new spot.