Man turns to 7 On Your Side after bank refuses to endorse FEMA check

Millions of Americans felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and many in spots along the Eastern seaboard repairs are underway. But one local family has run into a snag fixing their beach home in North Carolina.

Their bank won't endorse the insurance check so they can pay the repair bills.

Hurricane Sandy sent two feet of water surging into the ground floor of Scott Denniston's Kitty Hawk beach house. From pictures taken after the storm, you can see the water line. Fortunately, he had FEMA flood insurance, and by late Dec, he had a check for the damage. But he can't cash the check.

"Can't do anything with it. Nope. Quite frustrating, quite frankly," Denniston said of the $6,000 check.

FEMA made the check out to Denniston, his wife and Wells Fargo. It arrived a couple of days after Scott paid his Wells Fargo mortgage.

When he went to the bank to endorse the check, he received some bad news.

"Their position was because I'd paid the loan off three days before that, they had quote 'no interest in the property'," Denniston explained. "I can't get the check signed by anyone at Wells Fargo; I can't deposit it in my account; I can't pay the contractors that did the work."

Denniston said he's talked to 20 people at the bank and even emailed the bank's president with no luck.

In a statement, Veronica Clemons, with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Communications, said, "We regret any inconvenience that Mr. Denniston experienced. His loan had been satisfied and his insurance reimbursement check should not have included Wells Fargo for endorsement. After several steps, we were able to make an exception that allowed him deposit the check as he wished. We appreciated his patience as we worked to resolve the situation."

Cell phone video captured the moment Denniston has been waiting for - the bank manager endorsing the check.

"This is a big relief," Denniston said. "So thank you for all your efforts. I know I couldn't have gotten this done without you."