Man texting while walking falls on Metro tracks, rescued from oncoming train

A man who was texting while walking tumbled off a platform onto the tracks at the Pentagon City Metro station. As lights from an oncoming train filled the tunnel, an Annandale woman and her father pulled the man to safety with only seconds to spare.

In the surveillance video, the man can be seen falling off the Metro platform. A mere seven seconds later the train lights appear.

Although it can't be seen in the video, Jennifer Buchanan and her father from Massachusetts saved the man's life.

"It wasn't until they got him up that they realized how close the train was. She said it was spontaneous, her father was the same way," says Gary Simpson, Buchanan's neighbor. "He needed help getting up, so they got him up. Now instead of Jennifer the neighbor she's Jennifer the local hero."

Simpson says his neighbor and her dad were on the way to a Capitals game and standing right there when the man fell.

Riders talking with ABC7 Wednesday were in awe of the rescue. But some admitted they, too, text while walking.