Man takes advantage of generosity in Annapolis

A woman donated her Mercedes to charity, but the man who picked it up was only out for himself.

It appears the generous act enticed a thief in Annapolis.

The started when a charity for vets said it would pick up the white Mercedes wagon. Several days later, a man arrived said he was here for the white Mercedes.

But when the woman who donated the wagon checked to make sure the chosen charity received the vehicle, she got a surprise: it never got the Mercedes. She felt good when she donated the car but now she has a different feeling.

“(I feel) pretty bad because you are trying to do something good and somebody took it took it away from the good donation,” says Jole Levine, owner of the Mercedes.

Levine wonders who would steal a vehicle meant for charity. But she is confident whoever did it did so for personal gain.

“Something is wrong somebody told somebody and I don't know who told who and whoever has it they made money and it's probably crushed by now,” she says.