Congress Park shooting leaves one hurt

Police barricaded the scene of Monday's shooting on Congress Street SE. Photo: (Sam Ford)

A man was shot in the stomach early Monday near the scene of a recent shooting in the Congress Park neighborhood. A young man was seriously injured, but police say he was conscious and breathing when they arrived.

The 1300 block of Congress Street SE was barricaded around midnight, putting the neighborhood on lock down and closing several streets for hours. Residents became angry when they were not allowed in their homes.

One woman, who did not want to be named, claims she had to climb over three fences to get her kids to safety.

Police say a group of young men in an apartment nearby were either the shooters or knew who fired the shots. When they refused to come out for police, the SWAT team was called in.

"Children haven't been able to go to school today. Some children haven't been able to get back in their house," said Jauhar Abraham of Peaceoholics, who spoke with many residents.

Police kept residents on the move from areas they said might be in bullet range of the barricade location.

Residents say in recent days it's been unsettling with gunfire every night. Many are hoping at the end of all this activity, peace will return to the neighborhood.

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