Man shot eight times by Howard County police dies

A man shot eight times last week by Howard County police has died.

Jeffrey Dustin Nichols, 19, of the 6600 block of Grouse Rd. in Elkridge, suffered eight gunshot wounds in his torso and extremities last week. Authorities announced his death Monday.

Police said they ordered Nichols to drop his weapon during an incident, but he did not. Nichols continued to walk along railroad tracks to the back parking lot of an industrial park in the 7400 block of Hi Tech Drive.

After refusing to comply with police orders, police shot him.

Prior to this incident, Nichols had been taken into custody by Howard County Police following a stand-off with officers at his home.

On Oct. 7, Nichols called 911 indicating that he needed help. Officers arrived and found Nichols outside brandishing a knife. According to the police report, Nichols made statements to officers that he wanted police to shoot him, to "just do it" and "make it quick."

Nichols ignored commands to drop the knife and began stabbing and cutting himself. Officers took him into custody and transported him to a hospital for evaluation.

A similar incident occurred at Nichols' home on Sept. 11. Police were called to the residence because a person had cut his arms with a knife. According to the police report, officers found Nichols bleeding and took him to the hospital for evaluation.

The incident is still under investigation. All officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave, which is standard.