Edward McRavin, shot by Prince George's police, faces murder charges

Edward Vincent McRavin, 49, accused of shooting his wife before police shot him. (Photo: Prince George's County Police)

A man who was shot by police Sunday in Prince George's County is facing murder charges after he shot is estranged wife and nearly shot his son, police said.

Edward McRavin had pulled a gun and shot his estranged wife outside a domestic violence center in Brentwood, police said. Court documents say McRavin rode up on a bike outside Family Crisis Center and told his estranged wife "Your time is up."

He was there to pick up their ten-year-old son for a court-arranged visit. According to police reports, after he shot his wife he turned the gun on his son, but the gun malfunctioned.

“We had a shooting, ironically, at a family crisis center on of all days Mother's Day, where a mom was shot in front of her son,” said Deputy Chief Kevin Davis of the Prince George’s County police. The victim is fighting for her life.

Police arrived at 5 p.m. at the 3800 block of Cottage Terrace after an all-day manhunt for the 49-year-old McRavin.

Asenath Ndukuba was cooking her mother's day meal for her family when she was interrupted by police who had surrounded her house searching for a man with a gun.

“They said there was a signal bouncing from my house coming from his cell phone,” she said. Police found the man across the street under the foot bridge along the railroad tracks.

One of the officers was confronted by McRavin, who police said was armed. Lieutenant Jimmy Simms III, discharged his service weapon, striking McRavin. McRavin was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

“I could hear the officer down near the railroad tracks yell,” said Ndukuba. Navarro Boykins was outside on his front porch. “You could still hear the officer down by the tracks yelling commands, ‘don't move don't move, show me our hands,’ and then I heard pow pow,” he described.

Simms, the officer who shot McRavin, is a 14-year highly decorated veteran officer. Both McGravin survived the shooting.

Prince George's County police have had seven police-involved shootings this year. In six cases, police said suspect either fired or showed a gun.

In 2010 Prince George's County had nine police-involved shootings. There were 12 in 2009 and 23 in 2008.