Man shot outside D.C. barbershop

A man was shot at this barbershop in SE D.C. (Photo: Brian Hopkins)

A man stumbled into a barbershop on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Southeast Washington after he was shot outside. Police shut down the street for hours.

Melhan Hawkins was sitting in a barber chair when shots rang out shortly before noon. ”It was so close it sounded like it was jack hammer, that's how close it was," Hawkins said.

According to people in the area, the victim was known as TJ and shot multiple times as he stood in front of the pizza place. Shell casings littered the sidewalk.

The man was shot in the 2900 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. Emergency workers found the victim in a barbershop, where he’d come looking for help.

"Obviously we know the guy so, of course we're going to help the guy by all means," a barber said. Authorities transported the victim to a local hospital. He was said to be suffering potentially life-threatening wounds.

Dabra Watson says she has known the victim “since he was five years old.”

"Someone just told me and I came up here on the avenue to find out what was going on,” said said.

The watch commander said a broad-daylight shooting like this was not that unusual. "It's not the first one we've had and sure it wont' be the last one we have,” Lt. Damion Taylor said.

Residents speculate that the victim was "horsing around." The shooter left the scene, came back and shot him. Anthony Robinson said it was "like playing around and the guy didn't want to play."

Authorities are seeking a shooter said to wear dreadlocks and a white shirt with red in it. He was last seen fleeing south with a pistol in his hand.

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